UV bands

We are offering schools* and workplaces these innovative colour-changing UV bands to buy outright or sell on our behalf in support of the cause.

The band changes colour when exposed to UV radiation, reminding you to protect your skin from sun damage.

These lightweight silicon bands cost $3 each, come in either adult or child sizes and can be attached to drink bottles and bags.

Spread the word amongst your students or colleagues, then let us know how many you’d like to order.*

Your purchase of these UV bands will help us spread our lifesaving messages and help fund the valuable work we do to help promote melanoma prevention and early detection in New Zealand.

Put it on a drink bottle or schoolbag and watch it change colour every time you go outside.

To order your UV bands:

Please email the following information to admin@melanoma.org.nz. Your order is not confirmed until you have received a response to advise payment information including P&P, that there are enough UV bands in stock and when your payment has been received.

Please provide:

  • Your name:

  • Your school or organisation’s name:

  • Your contact phone number:

  • Delivery address:

  • Number of UV bands required (including sizes – children/adult)

  • Invoice to (if different from school/organisation named above):

Your order will be sent to one NZ delivery address only for you to then distribute as required.

Make sure you tag us with pictures of the bands in action or email pictures to admin@melanoma.org.nz and we’ll share the pictures on our social media platforms for you.

Applying sunscreen is integral to protecting our skin, but it is not enough on its own,” says Megan. “Empower yourself, your family and your young people to slip on some protective clothing, slap on a hat, seek shade and slide on some sunglasses… all year round.”


Photoaging sun damage on one side of face