Get spotted

Get Spotted and help make a difference by raising awareness of melanoma in New Zealand.

Our annual Melanoma Awareness Campaign, “Get Spotted”, was held from Monday 16 October – Sunday 22 October 2023

Get Spotted is our opportunity to reach and educate people of all ages from around the country about the importance of melanoma prevention and early detection.

As well as individuals and workplaces getting involved, a large number of schools, kindergartens, and early childhood centres participated in the campaign by promoting sun safety with their students using educational activities to help our young people create good habits and encourage them to influence other family members to protect themselves from the sun.

All schools, kindergartens and ECEs that registered to get involved with Get Spotted:

  • had the opportunity to be in the running for a Lidgard Shade Sail valued at $20,000
  • received a free subscription to our Melanoma workplace education course for all staff.

Whether you’re an individual, school or workplace, you can still support us by purchasing our colour-changing UV bands, which turn from white to purple when exposed to UV radiation. The $3 bands are a great tool for both education and fundraising.

Don’t forget to encourage your family and friends to take care of their skin in the sun and to check their skin regularly for any changes.


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