Get spotted: schools

Melanoma Awareness Campaign

More than 6000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with melanoma every year and more people die from skin cancer than on our roads. The best time to learn sun smart habits is when you are young – slip on a long sleeve shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek some shade and slide on some sunglasses.

Get Spotted is all about raising awareness, educating about sun-smart practices and making a difference for a charitable cause.

During our 2023 Get Spotted campaign, we offered kindergarten, early childhood centres and school staff free access to Melanoma New Zealand’s workplace online course until the end of 2023. The course is an easy-to-follow programme designed for New Zealand organisations to educate staff about sun safety, melanoma prevention and early detection.

Several schools helped raise awareness of being sun smart and about melanoma by:

  • Taking part in the Get Spotted colouring competition,

  • Selling our colour-changing UV Bands – a great reminder to protect your skin from UV radiation,

  • Holding a sun smart scavenger hunt,

  • Dressing up in sun smart or spotty gear,

  • Holding a sun smart quiz,

  • Running a raffle or a creative spotty fundraising idea to raise vital funds to help prevent avoidable deaths and suffering from melanoma.

The winner of our amazing ‘SPOT PRIZE’ provided by our proud supporter, Lidgard Shades, for 2023 was Te Kura o Te Kauaeranga – Thames South School. They won this 49m² Shade Sail, which included four steel posts worth almost $20,000, including installation.

Woman with shaved head sunflower earring

UV Bands

Woman with shaved head sunflower earring
Sunglass illustration

Colouring Contest


Group of children in spotty clothes
Three happy women in aprons

Sunsmart Education

Social Frame

Group of children in spotty clothes
Three happy women in aprons


There are loads of resources for getting involved and supporting the cause.

I really want to do something to support the work Melanoma New Zealand does to raise awareness of the symptoms of melanoma so this awful cancer is found early when it can be treated and potentially cured.

– Simon McLean

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